Bringing The Torch Foundation to the San Francisco Bay Area

Teen Leadership Training

At the Liza Maribel Foundation, we love to empower children and provide safe environments where they can thrive. We believe that every child deserves to experience a life free of insecurities where they can be in contribution to society by their ways of being.

That’s why The Liza Maribel Foundation has partnered with the Torch Foundation to bring a powerful transformational leadership workshop for teens, ages 13-17 to the San Francisco, Bay Area. This program empowers teens through self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills.

This is a two-day workshop that provides a safe, engaging, and inspirational environment for profound self-discovery and growth, creating a lasting foundation for teens to build full and enriching lives. 

Program Details

The program will offer transformational leadership workshop for teens. The two-day workshops are tailored to the unique interests and needs of teens, and they provide a safe, engaging, and inspirational environment for profound self-discovery and growth.

The program consists of the following:
* Teens, ages 13-17
* Students are awarded full scholarships (attendance is at no cost to students)
* Two days (Saturday-Sunday)
* Location: primarily throughout the San Francisco, Bay Area

Through carefully guided exercises and activities, the teens will:
* Discover their maximum potential
* Identify the limiting beliefs and other obstacles that are stopping them from achieving their potential
* Learn effective ways to overcome those obstacles

The powerful tools and skills gained through this experience will allow the teens to transform their lives and create unlimited possibilities for themselves, their families, and the world.

The workshop is both interactive and personalized, so each workshop will take on the unique qualities of the participants. Generally, the topics that are discussed include:
* Dreams, goals
* School, grades
* Relationships (family, friends, etc)
* Integrity, responsibility, accountability
* Consequences of actions
* Self-control
* Conflict resolution
* Communication skills, listening skills
* Forgiveness, compassion
* Limiting beliefs

The Torch Foundation partners with donors, sponsors, and organizations such as schools, youth centers, and other community organizations, so that the workshops can be provided completely free of charge to teens. Currently, the workshops are offered primarily in Southern California and Massachusetts. The Liza Maribel Foundation, in partnership with The Torch Foundation, is making this training available in Northern California as well.