What We Do

The Liza Maribel Foundation is a 501(c3) IRS approved non-profit organization created to empower individuals and organizations to make a significant difference in the quality of life of people often forgotten. We are dedicated to specifically raise financial support to help provide single parent families with grocery necessities, scholarships for education opportunities, and grants to help alleviate any medical bills or special treatments. We thrive at creating positive changes in the lives of children, single parents, the homeless, and all who need a boost envisioning a happier way of living. We also offer yearly grants to various organizations in the Bay Area (Alameda County CASA, First Presbyterian Food Ministry of Oakland and CEP and A New Day for Children) that provide similar support to youth, women in transition homes, homeless teenagers and rescued victims of sex trafficking.
Liza Maribel

Founder of The Liza Maribel Foundation Inc.

Our History

Liza Maribel Foundation was founded in 2014 by Liza and her son Nico, and it has provided food, educational funds, and school supplies to more than 800 families around the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area. The foundation focuses on supporting and uplifting under-represented communities (BIPOC, LGBTQ, Women in transition homes, and single-parent households) that have been marginalized by abuse/discrimination, health challenges, and other disempowering disabilities.

Liza cares deeply about others less fortunate than herself because at some point in life she had to face the challenges of being a single parent and homeless while struggling with cancer. Because of this, she developed a passion for helping others and getting involved with various organizations in the Bay Area with a similar mission.

Our Mission

To serve and empower single- parent homes. We are dedicated to creating strong sustainable home environments where both, parent and children, can thrive physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Our Vision

A world of Empowerment, Joy, and Possibilities for our youths, by providing support, educational programs, and resources to hundreds of foster children, survivors of domestic violence, and rescued sex trafficking children. And to empower teens to become their true authentic heroes through our Teen’s Leadership Program – Break the Normal. Be Victorious!

Hope for the Future

Providing hope for our future generations. We want to help bring up our next generation by giving them a better chance of good education.

Food to the Table

Help bring food to the table for a family in need. We are seeking support monetarily and collect gift cards to any local grocery store in the Bay Area.

Medical Bills Grants

We help those in need of care, we also help with doctor’s bills and equipment programs not covered by insurance.