Adopt a Family for the Holidays & Toy Drive - 2023

Celebrate the Holiday spirit and support The Liza Maribel Foundation by making a kind donation our yearly “Adopt a Family this Holiday Season and Toy Drive” program. Together we can bring the joy and meaning of the Holidays for many families from underprivileged communities across the Bay Area.

Be one of Santa’s Little Helpers.

When shopping for Christmas gifts this holiday season, why not spread the joy and put a smile on the faces of many children?

Many families and children in the Oakland/San Francisco, Bay Area don’t get to celebrate the holidays like many of us - with a holiday dinner, gifts under the tree, and on occasion not even a warm blanket for the cold winter days.

The Liza Maribel Foundation is a 501c3 IRS-approved non-profit organization, that offers valuable support during the holidays to those most in need through our yearly program “Adopt a Family this Holiday Season and Toy Drive”. We're asking generous people like yourself to support our organization as we hope to raise $10,000.00 by December 8th, for this yearly program.

Here is how your tax-deductible donation can help:

All funds raised during this holiday season will go directly to support 100 families (300+ children) and fund necessary food/essentials, gifts, toys, new clothes/blankets, and Gift Cards for grocery stores.

$50 - Purchase non-perishable canned goods to add to the Dinner Baskets

$100 - Gift Cards (Target, Walmart, Grocery stores) supplements family dinners

$200 - Provides a gift and a warm blanket or jacket for 4 children

Thank you in advance for helping us work toward the “Adopt a Family this Holiday Season and Toy Drive” program. Together we can make a difference!

Wishing you a warm and happy Christmas,

~Liza Osterdock
Founder - The Liza Maribel Foundation

Did you know about our Affiliate Partnership with HEDi-PACK?

By gifting your loved ones a HEDi-PACK this Holiday Season through our Affiliate Program you would be contributing to our cause as well?.

Yes! That's Right! HEDi-PACK pledged to donate up to 15% for each backpack purchase or 25%for orders over $100 back to our foundation. Start collecting the special moments in life by consider gifting a HEDi-PACK or some of their collectible Velcro HEDi-PATCHES to your loved ones, through our affiliate sponsorship.


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Back to School Backpacks Drive - 2023

Education is vital in helping to break the cycle of poverty that affects so many people around the Oakland / SF Bay Area. But sadly, education is still one of the most underfunded segments of local government aid. Each year, The Liza Maribel Foundation, aspires to make a positive impact by contributing to underprivileged schools and their families to gain access to some of their essential school supplies through our “Back to School Backpack Drive”.


This annual drive has helped us provide backpacks and school supplies (such as stationery, pen, pencils, markers, glue, scissors, binders…etc) to more than 1,200 families around Oakland / SF Bay Area these past six years.

And this year was no different than previous ones as we were able to provide backpacks, lunch boxes and school supplies to 300+ children at Manzanita Community School in Oakland and Marsh and Fremont Elementary Schools in Antioch.

Your generosity has been greatly appreciated and here are some of the results.I hope you enjoy our Gallery

Together we created a positive impact for the education of 300+ Children. Thank You for supporting our Mission and Vision.

“No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.” ~Aesop

To our Sponsors... Thank you for your generosity!

Become a Sponsor

By becoming a sponsor you will have the opportunity to be featured on our website for a year, be acknowledge in our newsletters, social media and event marketing materials. You will also be making a huge positive impact in the lives of many people from under-represented communities (BIPOC, LGBTQ, Women in transition homes, and single-parent households) that have been marginalized by abuse/discrimination, health challenges, and other disempowering disabilities. .

Diamond Sponsor

16 Tickets To The Event


Platinum Sponsor

8 Tickets To The Event


Gold Sponsor

6 Tickets To The Event


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4 Tickets To The Event


Bronze Sponsor

2 Tickets To The Event



We have been able to make a Positive Impact on so many Children, Single-Parent homes, and the homeless thanks to all of our sponsors, donors and amazing group of volunteers.

In a world where weapons, violence, and disrespect seem to be the new normal… a group of 22 powerful individuals came together for one common goal: to interrupt the noise and reconnect people to what truly matters in life. Our vision for the future was to engage children through community connections, vulnerability, and love and inspire them through art.

Our committed action – to see our vision through – was to powerfully and URGENTLY raise $40,000 in donations by August 30, 2019. Our mission was to host an art event for children in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, where they could craft their vision of the world and learn of ours too. This was a unique opportunity to connect, enroll, learn, and thrive with so many children. A number of additional art gatherings took place in other U.S. cities. The art created at these gatherings was collected and sold in an online silent auction (Aug. 21-29, 2019). The funds collected from the auction and GoFundMe Campaign were used to provide help and support to our under-represented communities and other entities around the SF Bay Area and Oakland.

We are so grateful for all the people that we were able to participate in this amazing opportunity that supported us to bring smiles to so many children.