Meet Liza Maribel

Liza Maribel was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and came to America to build a better future. During the peaks of her career in Silicon Valley high-tech world, she faced some very drastic life  changing events; She became a single mom while struggling with cancer and eventually faced homelessness. Liza Maribel knows at first hand, how a single parent can struggle with the challenge of raising a responsible, caring child that feels safe and protected amid all the unexpected circumstances.

She knows how hard it was for her, at times not having enough money for food or to cover some medical bills or rent. Money was very tight, and as many single parent knows, there is no one to lean on. Liza has carefully and compassionately identified the needs for single family homes and is determined to help lessen the load as she becomes an extended family to many who feel this challenge!

She is a wise, compassionate and hard working woman who has a deep love for God, family, and her community.

“To move forward, you have to Give Back.”

~Oprah Winfrey
Formerly homeless woman feeds Oakland’s less fortunate

Nearly 200 homeless people in Oakland are being treated to a holiday dinner Thursday night, but what makes this a full-circle story is that the meal was organized and paid for by a formerly homeless woman.